Posting Art!

2014-07-28 22:23:27 by Herdunculus

I have been away for far too long, and way too inactive. I don't even think anyone is going to read this. Whatevs man.

I will now be posting art made by my good friend Banjordan. He is very talented, and vastly improving with immense speed day by day! I would highly recommend supporting him by visiting his deviant art profile as well!

Of course, I will still try to begin posting music as well.

New Mini Series!

2012-12-06 01:41:24 by Herdunculus

Let me start with a hello. HELLO! I've been gone from Newgrounds for a long time, and I think I'll try coming back to post more songs.

I've started a new series called "Video Game Quickies" where I generally do short, relatively quickly produced remixes of popular (or not so popular) tracks from video game titles!

Please see my first one on my page, which is a SSBB theme remix! I might also take some requests too!

Thank you guys for your time!!


2011-10-14 21:41:12 by Herdunculus

I think that I will now be using Newgrounds more for a kind of "audience" that I can use to see if what I'm doing is any good or not. Because a lot of the time, I will be listening to my own mix so many times, i lose the ability to determine if it's actually worth it to keep working on or not. Also, it's more reliable to use Newgrounds for this than friends, because they all say things that encourage me, but I don't get the constructive feed back that I need a lot of the time.

So because of this, I will be posting more WIPs. I will still post the full song though, if I go through with it. Thanks in advance!


2011-06-17 22:37:02 by Herdunculus

I have started to move into the dubstep genre! I was recently inspired, and it sort of kick started my venture into this genre. Yes, I know it's becoming mainstream, but I actually listen to a lot of it already, and it is actually pretty fun to produce, because I love playing with basses.

Newest song is up!

2010-11-04 22:28:21 by Herdunculus

My latest song is finally posted! BUT, it is not exactly finished, its in its final stages though =D It's called Dance! just check it out. lols.

I am making another song.

2010-01-20 23:31:52 by Herdunculus

So don't think I'm not...

New Song again!

2009-12-20 06:26:04 by Herdunculus

This is my best song yet, i think. Review and Rate it please! I appreciate any feedback! /297399

New Song: Psychosismic

2009-12-10 02:31:59 by Herdunculus

This song was for my friend's game again. It was for a "techy" like boss. But I don't think its good for that feel. Check it out!

[herd] Psychosismic

Thank you!

2009-12-01 23:57:17 by Herdunculus

Hello! Thanks for checking out my account page! Check out my songs as well! Thanks again!