Entry #9

Posting Art!

2014-07-28 22:23:27 by Herdunculus

I have been away for far too long, and way too inactive. I don't even think anyone is going to read this. Whatevs man.

I will now be posting art made by my good friend Banjordan. He is very talented, and vastly improving with immense speed day by day! I would highly recommend supporting him by visiting his deviant art profile as well!


Of course, I will still try to begin posting music as well.


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2014-07-28 22:56:39

Hey yo! Just to cover our butts, I give this my approval; no art stealing going on. Adam's merely posting my stuff by proxy. My own account which is never used will still be up, but I also encourage anybody to follow that link up there to my deviantArt if you want to see more.